Light for indoor citrus

How much light does indoor citrus need in winter? My is staying near glass door facing south-east. It is about 2 feet tall, in my experience with veggie starters, if they reach that size, lights become very inefficient due only reaching the top of the plant with good intensity. Do you think it makes sense to provide artificial light from top or wrapped around the tree in addition to the window light?

it definitely can’t hurt. i set up a indoor grow room in our spare bedroom and i grow all kinds of stuff under a 900w viparspectra led. its the kind cannabis growers use and it works great. covers a 4’ by 4’ area with light. only thing is its hard on the eyes and your supposed to use sunglasses when working under it. the new cobb leds are better/ safer but much more expensive . talk to The Derek on here. he makes his own and maybe could make one for you.

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My son is making one for me, I was just in debate if I should start the light show with what I have - fluorescent lights. Already set it up yesterday.

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The fluorescent lights have to be very close to the plants,if they are the regular ones.Even the T5’s,which I’m trying out,need to be within 12 inches of the canopy.
I also bought a cheap emergency Mylar blanket,which is attached to cardboard to reflect light from one

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More than my Meyer Lemon gets…

Honestly your best bet is a HID light. Wife won’t approve that, she doesn’t want a power-sucking huge light in our sunroom.

Mine always loses 80% of its foliage.

Side note - is there a such thing as a floor lamp type stand for a MH light? If I could get one of those in a 250 or 400w I might be able to pull it off. She just doesn’t want an “ugly pot growing lamp” in the room.

My citrus (a Australian finger lime and up until last winter a Meyer lemon) limped by on a couple of CFL and a couple LED bulbs packed in with other tropicals.

Most years I don’t even lose many leaves and flowering continues for much of the winter.

My bigger issue is maintaining proper watering given limited space to access the jungle.