Light paw paw this year

Some of my tree’s had a lot of flowers but 80% did not convert which actually is a blessing, after reading all the bad news of eating them.
Having a lot of tree’s growing and nobody here wants them, I pretty much throw them in the woods, throw them whole so they go a long distance. Got to replace them with something less dangerous.
Starting avocados, already have two, need one more.


You can mail me these unwanted pawpaws, Bob. :rofl: Most of my flowers froze but the ones I hand pollinated look great.


Sure, can do that, plus some giombo’s and what not, don’t be surprised.


Wow! I love surprises. If acetogenins are a concern then maybe graft your trees to low acetogenin cultivars like Wabash and Potomac. Potomac cultivar has an avocado-like texture! Are you growing these avocados in pots?


No, they are all good size trees, got wabash. Sorry most are older trees no more tags on them.
This is what they look like in bloom.



The lakeside pawpaw scions that you sent to me 4 years ago finally flowers this year. I hand pollinated them and hopefully it will set some fruits to try out. I have been eating alot of pawpaws the last 8 years and didn’t find any problems neurotoxicity. My 55 years old hands are very steady. I can place an OB Epidural within 10 minutes. You probably need to eat 5 pounds a day for 20 years to see any neuro deficit.

That means I’ll get the shakes at 101.that’s incouraging, Tony.
I hope you get to try that one going to be interesting. I admire your interest in so many varieties and tree’s on your property, you going to stay young for sure.

Plenty paw paw’s in the woods.

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The late May Frost hit my Paw Paw Hard. And trust me their isnt a dangerous thing about eating paw paws these people are completely full of it. ( Unless a Dose of the backdoor trots if you eat too much in a sitting counts…lol )