Lil' late, but seeking coe's and Indian Free

so I am hoping to graft and re-attempt a coe’s golden drop tree to make up for the one that died on me last year…anyone have any scionwood for Coe’s they can part with?

Let me know, and thank you,

Edited to add: Also seeking Indian Free in case the third year is the charm–had 2 takes 2 yrs ago kick over due to drought but a peregrine took so I may try both a branch peach-on-peach and another graft to p Americana, which is where the last 2 and the peregrine took as a rootstock

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I might be able to help with CGD. I’ll check in the evening if it is not too late to cut scion wood.


Thank you, I should have Coe’s already lined up from another member–I don’t want to make duplicate work for more than 1 person.