Limbertwigs for the North/Midwest?

Anyone growing limbertwigs in North/Midwest? If you have I would be interested in hearing about your experiences as far as taste, disease resistance, vigor, etc.

Also are there limbertwigs that recommended for more Northern regions? I know they were once grown as far North as Kentucky but I don’t see really any information about growing them in Illinois or farther North.


I’ve got a black limbertwig in its third leaf here. About 20 apples on it this year, bugs have mostly avoided them. Other than that, too early to say much.


I’m disappointed there aren’t more responses to this, I’m interested in what Limbertwigs would be hardy here in my northern zone. More input on this would be greatly appreciated.


I grafted several limbertwig varieties onto dolgo rootstock this spring in Wisconsin. Zone 5a. So far they’re looking great but until next spring I won’t know for sure how winter hardy they are.


I ordered victoria, white, and black from ToA for this spring… I’m 6a although in the edge of 5b. It was a little impulsive and I had not considered how late some might be. So, I’m curious about this as well.


Here is a note about the Royal limbertwig being grown in Illinois. Not much detail but at least something.

The actual 1896 reference- U of I experimental station- pg 20 of 64 for royal also pg 39 of 64 lists some other limbertwigs grown.

I’m in michigan z6 and have about 47 maybe mor varieties and they all seem to be growing exceptionally well, they are all on bud9 tall spindle.


Hanging Dog



Your tall spindle trees look pretty good. Which of the Limbertwigs do you like for fresh eating? How is the disease resistance?

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Ive tasted around 30 of them and it seems to b different every year. Last year White Lt was very good.


Yeah, White LT is very good for fresh eating here on the West Coast, too, as are the various Royals.

I have a question, Royal Libertwing and Red Royal Libertwing are the same variety?

No RLT and RRLT are distinct varieties. And Ron Joyner at Big Horse Creek Farm Nursery says he has LT customers growing trees all over the U.S. and noted no climate limitations particular to LTs.


Thank you very much! That’s great to know after all i have two diferent varieties… :grin:

Myers’ Royal is a third distinct variety with a similar name, and probably the best for fresh eating in my climate.


Thanks, will try to get it… :blush:

Ate a huge Myers Royal LT a few years ago that was spectacularly good. I found this variety unpredictable, with wide taste variance year to year.