Lime Haul!

So my Mexican Lime tree has gone crazy this year, with a crop that is truly impossible to keep up with, for two people.

And it’s still going. Literally hundreds of juicy Limes!


Nice. Freeze juice in ice cube trays and then put cubes in ziplock freezer bags. Of course give some fruit away too!!


Yes, we are eyeing both options. Our next door neighbor left out a laundry basket with Lemons and it also went over really well.:lemon::lemon:

You can also make preserved limes. I tried it last year (with lemons from a friend’s tree) and they were quite good.

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I love the lingering smell of the lime on your fingers after a good Mexican meal. You have so many you can make some test batches and find out what works best for you.

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Sorry “the lingering smell of line juice on MY fingers”… My first reply comes off WAAAAY to creepy.

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Lol, that did sound a little Scar face :slight_smile: