Lisbon lemon vs.Hamlin orange in maritime NW with protection

Looks like Hamlin orange can better handle a surprise low (7F) compared to Lisbon lemon. Trees were equally protected with lights and bubble wrap. Low under protection was 17F. Sure looks like lemon will drop all its leaves …while orange leaves looks OK. Hard to wait for outcome!
Sad Lisbon lemon:
Happier Hamlin orange:
Last year my Yuzu made it fine through a mild winter only to lose leaves following April heat wave! Shade cloth is ready.

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That’s good about the Hamlin.I had one come from Florida in December and the tree looked okay,when unboxing,but a few days later,the leaves were worse than your Lemon.
After moving to an indoor tent,new growth is happening.Hopefully,a smaller Brown Select,which also suffered,will make a comeback.

Brown Select Satsuma on the left

Hamlin Orange leaves return