Little things that amuse me


I grew some echinacea from seed last summer. Just a generic mix of purple and white flowered ones. They did not bloom last year.

They are starting to emerge from dormancy, and I have a feeling I can tell which ones are which, even though they’re not in bloom.

Some are emerging with reddish leaves, and some are emerging with bright green leaves. I’m guessing the pigmentation carries through the whole plant, and the ones with bright green leaves will have white flowers.


I’d be surprised if that turns out to be the case. :slight_smile:

Probably most will be purple.



Looks like cone flowers to me. (Echinacea). As for positively ID’ing the colors of the blooms based on these seedlings, I’m not even going to try.

I just know from lots of experience that most of the new-fangled hybrids don’t reproduce much from seed, but the purple ones are prolific.


These were generic purple and white mix.


Planting flowers from seeds is always fun! I especially like to plant sunflowers yearly and often get several volunteers. I mainly plant the mammoth ones but I have bought the sunflower mixes a couple times and I do try to save seed from each and replant every year.

Hope to see updated pics of these as they grow :+1:


My purple sunflowers come out red tinged leaves where as the others do not and my purple bee balm also comes out with red tinged leaves and the pink has much less.