Southern Home muscadine/grape is loaded. Wish I could say the same for my Supreme and Black Beauty which is one-two years away.


Way to go Bill!

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Looks great. Do you have Japanese beetles there? I am fighting them on my muscadines.

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Yes I have JB at my place. There are easier methods of control than my method. I use a mixture of neem/dawn/water and spray about every 4-5 days. I get decent control for an organic method.

I just saw a few of them. Time to take out the liquid Sevin.



I’ve posted this elsewhere but may as well continue getting it across the forum. Tom Wahl is the owner of Red Fern Farm in Wapello, IA.

Japanese Beetle Summer Spraying Recipe



That’s a nice, straightforward formula, Dax. How much water is that amount of Dyna-gro used with?


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a gallon.

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Southern home has been an aggressive grower and heavy producer.


This is a young Lane vine with a few fruit. Very good sweet/crunchy taste.


The grapes are so beautiful and the ripe ones look like pure sugar. Seeds?


Yes they have seeds which is the main issue I have with them. We have a terrible time trying to grow table grapes at my location. Muscadine however thrive here with very few problems and in the last 20 years many new improved varieties have been released.


Just wondering if there are any other muscadine varieties that grow large clusters like the Southern Home. These are large compared to muscadine I’ve seen but small in comparison to table grapes. These were picked a little early for best eating quality but they do show the cluster size and split leaf.


Those really are attractive grapes. They look delicious!

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They get good tasting if left on the vine long enough. I like them but not quiet as well as Black Beauty and Lane.

My Southern Home are close to size but still green. It could be another month or so before they’re ripe.

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Going on memory, but Redgate has huge clusters with up to 25 grapes. It is a mediocre muscadine compared to modern varieties. I bought Redgate from Isons in 1988. They do not currently list it and appear to have discontinued it in the early 1990’s.

Redgate: self fertile, very early, productive, very red, mid sugar 17%, vigorous growth, very thin hull, medium/low pulp, medium scarring, ripens uneven

These links show quite a bit of info about some of my favorite cultivars.



To cut to the short of this, Big Red, Ison, Summit, and Supreme are arguably the best producers in my climate. It takes a bit to learn to manage Ison to maintain productivity, but once you get there, it is easily the most consistent and most productive grape I have. Supreme is susceptible to overloading which can cause the vine to die over winter. Summit can suffer from low fruit quality when overloaded if the leaf to fruit ratio gets too skewed. Big Red can be slow to come into production. Prune them heavily and fertilize with loads of chicken manure to maintain good health.

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I just ordered a few plants from Isons. The guy I spoke with said they have Paulk in the greenhouse but will probably not be selling any plants until next fall.

I think I will try and make this “Paulk” my first muscadine I try. Seems like the only thing we don’t know about it is it’s cold hardiness.

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