Location location location for fruit growing

Matching variety of fruit with your location is the hardest thing to do in growing fruit. My area grows pears and black berries particularly well but not red raspberries or blueberries. "Lambrusco is one of the most widely discussed and maligned grape varieties grown in Italy, together with Albana and Pinot Grigio. There are many different grapes with Lambrusco as part of their name, mostly grown in Emilia Romagna but not all. It is likely that they are related to a wild grapevine that was already known to both Pliny and Virgil in antiquity. The first one mentioned today in fact does not grow in Emilia but in Piedmont and Lombardy. It was much more amply planted before phylloxera hit but after was less widely seen. Today it is often blended with Barbera, Dolcetto, Freisa and Bonarda.

The latter grape, Lambrusco a Foglia Frastagliata is grown in Trentino and is more widely known by the name Enantio. I actually tried this wine a few years ago but only recently learned of its connection to Lambrusco. This one is often used for making rose wines"
Italian Indigenous Varieties: Lambrusca di Alessandria and Lambrusco a Foglia Frastagliata – avvinare . So how does soil impact grapes which are used for wine? Read on its interesting http://thewinehub.com/home/2015/11/13/how-does-soil-influence-wine-quality/

So does @olpea grow the best peaches in the world? I dont know but many would say yes. @39thparallel grows a very good chojuro asian pear. The butterscotch flavor is deep and bold. Some areas grow amazing sweet cherries we do not have one of those areas. What is your experience with location and fruit growing?


Great point, Clark. My experience has varried from year to year because of how variable the weather is in the northeast. Apples are constantly good. But a lot of the other fruits are at the mercy of the timing of our rains. And our first frost date can vary by almost a month, which can really affect persimmon quality. So really each year has been different for me.



Thanks for the compliment Clark! I only wish it were true!

I do think we have a particularly good area for growing pears (as you well know). Blackberries too! Of course Pawpaws do well here since this is the area where Lewis and Clark discovered them for the first time growing naturally.


The hotel I work at hosts the Delmarva Watermelon Association’s party every year. A couple times there’s been fistfights between the Delaware and Maryland youngsters, arguing which State has the best watermelons. Yes, we take watermelon growing very seriously here! :joy:


And it can take a lifetime to figure all that out and by that time it is too late :flushed: