Location plugin for Discourse

I found that there is a locations plugin for the software this forum uses.

Seems like in addition to being able to set a location for a topic there is a feature which lets you see a user map. It’s not really the “same growing zone” feature we all want but its pretty close.

It seems like there’s also privacy options like to only enter a zipcode and an option to show user locations only to those that have an account on this forum.

Not sure how hard this is to test out but it would be a very interesting feature.

Have you run into this yet? I hadn’t looked at it for a while and it had slipped my mind, but your post made me think of it.

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Dimitri, I’m not sure what feature this adds for us. We already have the map that Mark pointed out, it has to be done manually but @speedster1 has been good about adding people. It might be nice to be able to search based on location but this plugin doesn’t support that. I should also say I’m reluctant to add any plugins unless they are really important, they can be a pain to keep working since the creators often get tired of maintaining them at some point and then they get incompatible with new releases of the main Discourse software and need to be removed.

That said maybe I am missing something here. There also could be some good plug-in that has come out recently that would be a big boon for us. I last went through the list quite a while ago.

@scottfsmith I hear you. I this forum is setup perfectly right now and I don’t want to ask for any unnecessary bloat. I was just going through the 3 year old thread about feature requests and a lot of people wanted a growing zone filter of sorts, but it seems like the best solution was the map with user submitted locations.