Looking for advice to grow Ogen melon in container

I have two Ogen melons starts growing now in small pots. Only sunny spot left in my garden is a very dry spot due to pine trees to the north of it(good distance, no shade) and it has very poor soil. So I was thinking to plant them in container in that spot. That also would save young plants from rabbits. Rabbits usually stop bothering melons when they mature. For the container choice I have one 55 gallon barrel, two 30 gallon barrels, or wooden box 40’‘L x 30’‘W x 19’’ high, that I can probably could make higher with plywood. I can make any of the containers self-watering. I also have cattle panels I can use to build growing surface above ground around the container.
Few questions I have.

  1. What choice of container better for 2 plants? 55G - 2 plants per container, 30G - 1 plant per container, wooden box - 2 per box
  2. How deep the actual soil mix should be? I can add some wood chips on the bottom. I have finely chipped soft wood woodchips, they save moister very well.
  3. Do I need self watering container?
  4. Would pine bark fines mix work for melons? If so, what proportions with other ingredients?