Looking for Gerardi mulberry cuttings or small rooted plant

Is it too late to ask for mulberry cuttings of Gerardi? If not and somebody still have some they can take from their tree. I would like at least 3-4 for rooting purpose. But better yet is if someone have a small rooted cutting, I would take that too.

Thanks in advance

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Did you have any luck finding Gerardi scion wood or a tree? I’ve been checking online nurseries, but haven’t been able to locate it.

I should have 1 tree arriving next month. Belgium nursery

nope, most nursery were sold out when i first posted this question and haven’t looked since. Though I got some Thai dwarf ever bearing mulberry cuttings since then and from what I’ve read, both are pretty somewhat similar in taste. So i;m sticking to the Thai dwarf for now and maybe get Gerardi later.

Oh cool, I’m not familiar with that one. I have the “Issai” dwarf mulberry and love it so I wanted to get another dwarf variety to see how it compares in flavor. The Issai variety roots from cuttings very easily.

I did end up finding gerardi Scion wood for sale since my original post. I found it at: Mulberry Cutting and Scionwood