Looking for list

All gardening is local (or at least regional). Sometimes I find that when I’m looking for a plant (and frequently it is perfectly hardy in my zone) that while I cannot find it anywhere a quick search online shows that it is available in nurseries/garden centers in other parts of the country (or world).

Right now I have 3 plants that I have looked for for years, to no avail. Any chance anyone out there has or has seen them locally?

Clematis (hirsutissima) Scottii ((Scott’s clematis)… strangely enough a north American native

Clematis Vienetta…An Evison cultivar. A few local nurseries order Evison varieties each year, but none of the 3 I frequent can get this one.

Melittis (a mint relative from Europe that is widely available in the UK) I had once of these, but have not seen it reappear this spring. Would like another. Great common name…Bastard Balm

anyone seen these plants locally?


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I have acquired the Melittis and my clematis Scottii has put up a single stem (this is its second year) so I’m just looking for the Vienetta Clematis at this point.

Anyone else having trouble locating perennials?