Looking for OHxF 87 rootstock: one-sided okay?

Hi all, I’m looking for about 25 OHxF 87 pear rootstocks. I know the best place to go is Copenhaven. I wrote to them yesterday about availability, and they are sold out except for “one-sided” rootstocks. Roots growing only on one side, I guess.

Does anybody know if those rootstocks will turn out okay in the end and just take longer to form a good mass of roots, or will they always be kinda weak on one side?

Anybody know where I could get 25 OHxF 87 rootstocks? Almost every place I looked was sold out already.


I’ve never ordered from them, but https://www.sierragoldtrees.com/pear-rootstocks might have some still.


Those ohxf97 would be fine your looking at long term. You might consider growing rootstock a few months or even a year or 2 before grafting them. Many people really like ohxf333 but they dont do as well for me here.

Maple Valley Orchard still has them.

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I prefer callery pear rootstock.

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I’ve gotten lots of one-sided rootstocks in the past from reputable sellers. The tree may be a bit less vigorous at first but I doubt it would be a big difference. For a commercial grower where a couple extra pears is profit vs loss, sure, but for backyard growers no perceptible difference.


Thanks, I hadn’t looked there!

Hm… thanks for these thoughts. I guess I’m a “small commercial” grower, so borderline. I can probably give them a year to catch up. Then again, I’m not getting any younger and I’d like to see the fruit!

I don’t have any experience with Callery. 87 does well at my place and I already have lots of them, so I think I’ll keep going with that.

In some areas including mine, it’s being canceled… Otherwise a great option.