Looking for self-pollinating fuzzy kiwi "Jenny"

Does anyone know where this one can be bought in the States?

Will anyone have available cuttings this fall or winter?




I have never eaten Jenny, but heard only bad things about it. I usually buy them for 3-4$ in local nursery and use them as rootstocks. I am sure you can get a better variety in US and graft a male into it later (if you are running out of space).

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Thanks so much for the info. That’s saved me a ton of time and frustration!
I’ve got two established Haywards but I’ve lost 3 different male Matuas over the last 6 years, hence no kiwis to harvest!

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No problem. Try to ask someone for scionwood during winter, that might save you time. I usually have the opposite problem. Females are dying while males are growing like crazy, the same with rooting.
Jenny is small and very fuzzy, I think it’s so common in the nurseries cause it’s free to propagate, no patents, royalties etc.