Loquats without acidity

Anyone have any recommendations to which variety loquats offer good taste without the acidity? Zone 9 Pensacola Florida

Thanks in advance

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Tanaka, but not sure if it’s available in US

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Since others haven’t responded - from my research BigJim (orange-fleshed) and Champagne (white-fleshed) are good varieties to try. I haven’t personally tasted these varieties though.

I’ve heard that Mcbeth is very low acid and high sweetness. Some even say it is bland.
I prefer loquats with some acidity though.

It is in the USA, yet very hard to find.

Varieties that are very sweet when ripe, not counting the ones already mentioned on here:

  1. ‘Premier’
  2. ‘Peluche’
  3. ‘Vista White’
  4. ‘Nespola Rossa di Trabia’ (not to be confused with Nespolone di Trabia)
  5. ‘Barbie’
  6. ‘Italy’
  7. ‘Oliver’
  8. ‘Turkey’

Here is info on a lot of the ones mentioned on this thread
Eriobotrya japonica , Loquat, Japanese Plum, Nispero - To


Thank you

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You are welcome.