Low impact spray questions

I can’t piece together some of the details on when to use some of this stuff.

How do I decide when to use Spinosad ?

Horticultural oil should not be put on top of Sulfur. If sulfur was mixed with surround how do I determine when it is safe to do oil?

How do I decide it is time for Sulfur?
How do I decide it is time to do Oil?

Spinosad for codling moth: Set up codling moth pheromone traps (the little white pup tent things you can buy at any hardware or garden center). When you catch half a dozen moths in a week wait a week to ten days, depending on the temperatures, and then spray.

Thanks Mark. What about additional applications? and future waves of CM?

I don’t know about additional applications, but for CM keep monitoring, waiting, and spraying. With spinosad I feel OK putting down an rare extra spray, especially if there’s inclement weather, on occasion. Stay in touch with nurseries and local country extension people.