Lowering Branches

I’m trying to bend the branches of two multigraft trees I have towards the horizontal, one apple and one cherry. I had thought that some flexible plant tie would work but it seems that stretches too much on the larger branches.

I considered twine, but wouldn’t that abraid the bark over time? Is there a collar I need to be using to keep the rope/twine off the bark? If not is there a preferred knot to be using?

Hey Troy, I use velcro to loosely wrap the branch and then tie my twine to that and a brick. I begin with a slight tug and then roll the brick to move the branch gradually to where I want it. The whole thing is portable and easy to adjust.

Edit: Whoops, I don’t really tie the twine to the brick, just wrap it around a few times and it will stay. I’m not a fan of tying and untying knots and try to avoid such.


I use simple twine tied loosely around the brunch to pull it down. Never had problem with the bark. Peach branches are not very pliable and can split in the wind. This was my main problem.

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