Lubera Apples

I’m not advertising for this company - as far as I know, they don’t sell anything but some of their Redlove apples in the Americas. However, I enjoy looking at their online catalog. It seems like they are creating many fruit varieties for the home gardener, including novel apples. Our choices for columnar apple varieties are limited, and I would love to try some of theirs. They have a bunch of varieties. Plus, those Paradis apples are beautiful to look at. Maybe the photos are better than reality, but they look tasty. I would love to try Paradis Morgana.

I have seen their Redlove apples at least at One Green World and Burpee, maybe others, and I planted a Redlove Era apple tree that settled in nicely this year. Probably no apples on that one in 2020 but one never knows. They also claim disease resistance, which is important for me,

Im glad that a company is creating new varieties with the home grower in mind, rather than aiming almost entirely for commercial growers. Even if we can’t get them here.

I know we have Zaiger, but most of their output seems aimed for commercial. Plus, my climate is so different from California, the Zaiger introductions don’t often thrive for me. Of new US bred varieties, there is also UMinn’s Zestar, and WSU Cosmic Crisp for the home grower. Maybe I will try those next year, as minidwarf trees…


What a nice, descriptive website. I am looking forward to learning more of their varieties. I wish they listed the parents of varieties though. I hope they make their way across the pond.

It is a good reason as any to visit Switzerland.:wink:


Good thing they are not here! I already picked out 4 of their columnar apples and 3 of their Paradis apples to try! And I don’t really have room for them. But if someone in the US offers them, I might try them anyway.

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About 3 years ago I had an email exchange with Markus Kobelt of Lubera (Redloves).

Asked about where in the USA I could obtain some of his apples. Reply was that they aren’t for sale in the US at this time. (So, I continued by telling him I had two of his varieties…and I never got any more emails back.)

Anyhow, the Redlove series have been available in 2019 and 2020 on a wide basis.
(I assume earlier scionwood must have came in via ‘underground’ channels.)


I have redlove odysso… hope this year will fruit.


Me too. I had 14 fruits I let set last year…and the birds ate them when they were about the size of cherries…I am guessing they thought they were cherries since the young fruit were red as cherries! (May buy a net just for those trees this year…haven’t yet decided…or maybe get some small cheap socks.)

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I now have Redlove® Era® Odysso®, and Calypso®. I will train them as espaliers. They probably wont bear for two or three or four years. My Era® is a year old - we’ll see if there are flowers this year.

From the photos on their website, they seem to bear on young looking wood. That might be the rootstock or training method, or maybe the genetics. We’ll see.

Two of mine were from One Green World ®. One was from Burpee ®.


If your rootstock isn’t a vigorous one, will you be able to get the growth for an espalier? My Odysso on an unknown root and also on M111 and B118 don’t appear to be espalier material.


Lubera sells espalier trees, so maybe. I don’t know their rootstock. Ask me in a couple of years :grinning:


I had 14 fruits last year, on 2 of mine, and when they were the size or cherries (and the color of cherries), the birds ate all of them.
These were from Jung’s, and I am guessing M9 to be the rootstock. They have plenty of fruit buds again this spring. Will wait to see if the ones on the other rootstocks bloom this time.

A couple of my red fleshed ones have green leaves…er, I mean one of them does, the other has purple/red leaves. And most of the red fleshed apple trees are showing ‘red tip’…so no more scion cutting this year.

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Usually lubera apples are on M9

Thank you Rudolf
for confirming my suspicions.
I’ve grafted one to my ‘frankentree’ and one to a
standard rootstock, so in time I’ll find out the real size of the tree.

I got Odysso and Calypso from One Green World they’re on M7.

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M7 has been very productive rootstock for me.

Cool, thanks! My second leaf trees were loaded until deer found them. Now hopefully I’ll still be able to try the ones on top.

I too purchased an Odysso and Calypso from One Green World this year. I assumed that both trees were planted on M7, however when they arrived last week, the Odysso appeared to be an older tree and had been grafted really high and then topped. The rootstock color code painted on the two trees was totally different. This tree was grafted about 17-18 inches above the roots and then topped about a foot above the graft line so it would fit in the shipping box. Did you receive your Odysso in this condition?

Wow, I had to go outside and double check. Both grafts look normal. That’s sad, I never had them send me something like that before.

Thank you. I’m trying to figure out how best to deal with them on this. I wrote to OGW the day I received my order and sent photos and they just replied today said the only the following:
“This tree just happened to be grafted on an older rootstock so the graft is a bit higher. But typically you would not want it branching beneath that point anyways so a graft at that height should be no problem. And yes the tree is a year older than the rest but most folks are delighted to receive a tree that is older and larger.”

I know what they sent was not normal and they fail to mention that they topped an older tree a foot above the graft and don’t address my rootstock question either. I’m not happy about it and have replied to their email. I rarely have to go back and forth with a nursery, but I was really shocked with what they sent me.

Can you tell me what color was painted on the rootstock of both of your trees? Is it the same on both?

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They’re both green.

Thank you for checking. I just wanted to reach out to see if anyone else thought this was odd, or if it was just me. The Odysso I received is painted green, but the Calypso is pink. Who knows. I know that nurseries use paint colors in different ways, but in my experience it notates a specific rootstock. We’ll see what happens. I’m more concerned about the high graft and the topping of the tree above that more than the rootstock.