M106 root stock for sale

I hope this is ok, if not admins feel free to remove it. I have @ 40, M106 root stocks from Cummins Nursery. I ended up with extras this year. They are currently in our cold storage room. I will take a bit of a loss on them if someone is interested. $45 plus shipping to you. Would just as soon sell them all as one bunch, possibly split in two groups. Shoot me a message if interested. I will keep them until I shut the cold room down around the end of the month.

Wow…that’s a great deal for somebody. I couldn’t possibly use 20 of them though. If you decide to sell them off a few at a time I might be interested. I understand wanting to sell them as a bunch though, I wouldn’t want the headache of selling them off bit by bit either.

The root stock is sold. Thanks!