Mac pear, seedling of Gorham

Have any of yall grown or explored Mac?
I have read some on here that Gorham is great, and late bloomer, but only moderate disease resistant.
Mac is more disease resistant and sounds pretty good doesnt it?
Is it as tasty and as late a bloomer?
Grin says Mac has less skin astringency than Gorham.
Any feedback?

I have a graft of it and so was reading about it but outside of this grin info there seems to be no info on the internet…


There is precious little information.

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My graft is on top of a 4 year old Ayers pear, and looking good so maybe in another couple years we might know more! :smiley:

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At some point you might trade @39thparallel or I for something so we have a backup graft. The USDA is now limiting scions to smaller numbers of 10 or less. Do you have more pear rootstocks in the ground?

Sounds great yes we need to do more preservation! Hopefully it will grow out good this summer and I can send you some scion if you have a spot for it!
I plan to order some more pear rootstock for next spring. :smiley:
That is too bad usda is not as open. I am hooping to get Star and Lee mentioned in this grin Mac article but the seem real rare.

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