Make your own germination cups

For planting tiny seeds newspaper cups are easily made in a small size. I wanted to start a number of asparagus seeds indoors so by Mid March they can be growing in my greenhouse. These cups will allow roots to go thru the small cups which are easily transplanted into larger plastic cups without disturbing the roots.
Wrap paper around small bottle

Crimp the bottom and wet it

Staple the top only and fill with planting mix and plant seed

Something good to do on a cold winter night
Kent, Wa


i do the same with toilet paper tubes instead of composting them. works great!


I used toilet paper tubes around pepper plant stems so that the young green step put out air root I then covered with dirt.

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I used same method folding old newspapers to make paper pots. But I am getting lazier , I just use plastics cups to germinate seeds. The plastic cups are cheap, reusable, and have more leg room for the plants to grow in case of not planting them right away.
BTW, I used asparagus seeds to grow asparagus plants before. I just sowed them outside in the spring after I cold straficated the seeds. The germination rate is pretty decent. No need to go through the trouble of starting indoor.


great idea! going to do this with my tomato starts also.

I use scrap 5 gallon buckets for my starts.

My pepper plant starts for 2024 sitting in south window.

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