Making Hoshigaki


All info I read only recommend Hachiya (not quite ripe).

However, all dried persimmons I’ve seen on sale are flattened, round shape. They look like they are made from Fuyu-type persimmons.


The flat ones at the store are from China. There are many famous astringent types over there used for drying, some pointy and some flat. I think the dried fruit are also pressed down to make them particularly flat.


Does this mean only the astringent type would make good dried persimmons?


Yes. That is correct. They are much sweeter.


Just a quick update on my progress. I had to move them inside, because I’m having windows installed outside to make a sunroom for winter plant storage! I didn’t want the construction workers bumping into them or get debris on them. So far no mold and I think I’m supposed to massage them soon. I’m going to go buy another box of Hachiyas and start another batch!


We’re at the 2 week mark and they’ve been massaged a few times. I decided to sample a couple. The texture was similar to dried persimmons imported from Korea that I bought at H Mart. There was a leathery skin. The insides were soft and somewhat juicy. They are so sweet! I had them with morning tea to balance out the sweetness. I wouldn’t have been able to eat them by themselves.

It seems persimmons at different levels of ripeness yield different superficial results. The one on the left was very firm when it was peeled to dry while the one on the right had a little give. Both tasted more or less the same. I will let the remainder dry further and see how they taste then.

Chewy, gooey goodness!


Yummy! I have been eating 5 thaw Honey Jar jujube fruits and one dried persimmon, dried Asian pear chips, and a few fig chips daily. Life is good. Btw,

Fresh paw paws daily too.



We are at about 3 weeks and they are looking really good! I sampled another one today and the texture is really close to Saijo hoshigaki I had from Japan. Some are even starting to form a sugary bloom. I hope this first batch will be complete after 1 more week and I’ll likely start a 3rd batch.


Finally found some of the dried persimmons at the local store. Enjoying them with a pot of NJ tea. Kind of reminds me of red bean sweets. Super tasty!


New Ukrainian hybrid.
Drying in the kitchen,
without removing peels
and massage.


Hoshigaki is a revelation for me. I tried one made from Hachiya at Andy’s orchard last weekend and it tasted like a thick caramel fudge! I couldn’t believe a dried fruit can taste that good. I also tried the dried Fuyu which was good but nothing like Hachiya.

I will definitely try it next season - great way to enjoy fantastic fruits in mid-late winter!


I forgot to update the final results after 6 weeks. They turned out really good! I’m so glad I bothered to make them—definitely better than the ones imported from China.

I’ve been enjoying them with various green teas.


I almost thought it is a bowl of freshly squeezed olive oil.


Nice work Andrew!


Yes, the color is very brilliant right? White porcelain helps to showcase the colors of various green teas pretty well. This one is a type of tea that’s shaded for 2 weeks prior to harvest (kabusecha). The flavor is very nice, slightly sweet, with a light astringency that makes for a smooth and refreshing drink. It helped balance out the sweetness of the hoshigaki very well.

I’ve never seen freshly squeezed olive oil but the stuff produced in California is pretty good by the time it gets to me.

@tonyOmahaz5 thanks Tony! Did you make any this year?


Nice looking persimmons. And that sounds like quite a nice tea! I’ll have to track some down.


I did 10 of the Hachiya and it was gone just like that. My kids like them too.


Got some literature about this subject that might be of interest to some.

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I think a couple of the images you tried uploading didn’t fully upload before you posted. Did you dry any of your persimmons this year, Bob? @aap


Here is something to read for you that might interest some.

These pages were given to me, from my neighbor who found it because they knew I have a lot of persimmons. They got a lot of persimmons from me to try. Never tried it.