Malathion, Neem

I’m considering adding Malathion and possibly Neem oil to my spray rotation in an effort to
avoid breeding resistant bugs, and comments are welcome.

Currently using Spinosad and Triazicide together and it has been working great, but that’s now!


Malathion is very stinky, I would go for something that contains Carbaryl (the former active ingredient of Sevin). But that’s just me…

Since drift from spraying malathion at the neighbor’s place almost killed my grandma, I really can’t imagine using or recommending the stuff. Made me so sick all I did for weeks was take care of the animals and sleep.
You know your area, challenges with pests, and comfort level. Be safe!

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I think Mark has apples, carbaryl would thin his apples, too. That could be a good or a bad thing.


I could stand some thinning! Since it’s no longer in Sevin where do you find it? And what about Sevin?

I have used Malathion in the past with no problems, but maybe we were lucky.

Your Triazicide is in Group 3 and Spinosad is in Group 5. So, you want to avoid any spray from those two groups.

Malathion is in Group 1 so technically you can use it to avoid a resistance issue. You can also pick chemical from Group 4 which is Acetamiprid type.

The Sevin with carbaryl is still around, on the same shelf as new Sevin in stores my area. I don’t know what group is carbaryl but you can have fun checking this website out. It is good info. Unfortunately, they do not list brand names.

Insecticide Classification Guide.

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What does the carbaryl do? I was going to start using Sevin so if the carbaryl product is something I could use I will look for that combo.

Carbaryl is one if insecticide and the main ingredient of the old Sevin. It does has side effect of fruit thinning. It has been used to thin apples.

So if you spray carbaryl in your apple trees, expect to see some fruit drop in addition to killing insects.

Recently, there is a new Sevin with zeta cypermethrin as the main ingredient. It is insecticide. If you want to use Sevin, you need to decide if you want the old one with carbaryl or the new one with zeta cypermehtrin.

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TY for this information. I am looking at changing my spray program sprays so I need to look at my options. I need both a new insecticide and fungicide combination.
I will probably use Sevin with the old one if available , if not I will have to use the newer one.

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If I have a BAD problem with insects of some description, Malathion is my weapon.
(Guthion and similar products aren’t available to just anyone, but may be stronger.)

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