Mango Interspecific Hybrids

The unusual ultra fragrant spicy fruit related to a mango,
which Dr Richard Campbell former Director of Fairchild Florida, is using to create interspecific mango hybrids.
No sweetness just awesome floral aromas with dipped in dirty gym socks & turpentine after taste.
Gasoline is not the correct aroma description, “Terpenoids” is the correct description.
By crossing this with the best of the best existing mangos, Richard is blessing the World with new fruits of quality which can grow in a bigger diversity of environments.
Richard Campbell has temporarily nick named the Hybrids “Wangoes” are (Wild x Mango).

Hello! I am a mango collector and have had most of the best out there. It is nice to see what Richard is doing in the industry. Before Richard there was the great Lawrence Zill, who had already blessed us with so many great mango releases and now his son Gary Zill, who has set the standard for the best mango releases Florida has ever seen. Richard and Gary I know share fruit cultivars and are friends.


And Chris & Har of Truly Tropical are very supportive & synergistic with their work.
Ken Love of Hawaii was meeting with Richard Campbell 2 weeks ago in Florida.
Ken wants to attempt to grow hybreds of these in Hawaii.