"March comes in like a Lion and goes out like a Lamb." - Pear buds are swelling

Hopefully, i get away with it, but i’m seeing a concerning number of swelling pear buds this year.


I repotted my Prok persimmon today and I noticed one of the buds was already turning green. Most buds are still not green here though. I noticed some swelling of buds on my hazelnut starting January but nothing has come with it. I am not expecting buds to come out for another two months hopefully. Last year my Stark Donut peach flowered in March but there was no bees out to pollinate it and we ended up getting freezes that stopped pollination. Side note I never expected a 22 inch pot to weigh as much as it did. The roots really seem to add weight to pots.

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I’ll vouch for the Lion…


My pears started swelling two weeks ago or more and are massively ahead of everything else. Just pears. Do they know something we don’t?


Im from Ohio. My honeyberry bushes are starting to leaf out. They are about a month earlier than normal.

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March usually comes in like a lion and goes out like a lion in central MN. “Spring” arrives sometime in mid-late April most years.

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I saw a what I think is a wild plum blooming yesterday on my way to work, probably a month early.

Lions and lambs aside, there will only be grouses in Portland if the cold long-term forecast plays out.

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A bit concerned here in Ohio as well. Snowdrops came up 2 weeks ago and crocus now in full bloom. Pear & apple buds are swelling. It’s 72F and sunny in central Ohio on March 1st…

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In like a lamb here in northeast Tennessee, 75F and sunny. Insects buzzing, early flowers blooming, trees waking up… I fear March will go out like a lion and freeze everything, again…