MASON JAR BEEHIVE - Oh! honey I love ya

JUST A FUN PROHECT I happened to run across.

The “cool factor” alone makes it worth a try.

See below


Never did it but used to think of beekeeping, setup looks cool. Ever see top-bar hives? I had considered building those in the past, also seem fairly simple…

Mike, What you’re seeing is a cheap way of making comb honey. We had selected hives do this for years. Definately NOT for beginners.
The trick in comb honey is to get as many bees as possible in as small of a hive as possible w/o them swarming. We would find swarms or artificially make swarms and put them in a shallow honey super and force them into the comb honey super. Those bees would swarm out of those boxes on the least reason leaving a total mess.
I’ll find the name of the ‘Bible’ for comb honey and pass it on.

Beekeeping, how to do it, Comb honey. Richard Taylor. He’s long dead and the book out of print but if you can find anything written by Richard Taylor, well worth the investment. My two most prized bking books.


Now for the first time…

Looked it up and found that concept and many other ways to keep bees.

One interesting item is a way to produce comb honey packages… See below

I just read that you can eat the entire honeycomb wax and all.

This is just one way see others below it



I do it the old fashioned way and just add wire free thin beeswax foundation to frames during a heavy honey flow. Just cut the comb later for the boxes.

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