Matt Is Back From the Brink of Disaster


I’m glad to hear you are on the way back out!


I just saw this. Welcome Back Matt! Sounds like you’ve been through the wringer. Hope the future brings good things.


HI Matt,
I am so glad to hear that things seem to be looking up again.


Glad you’re hitting your stride again, Matt. I’d be happy to send you scion or cuttings of anything you lost this past year. Keep fighting the good fight.


Matt your presence here is always a welcome sight.
I have also experienced some very bad career situations. It’s very hard. My best to you and hope you come out ahead, somehow, for the experience
Garden and orchard are refuge from the world’s ills. That is where I feel the most peace of mind. I’m glad you could hold on to yours.


Really? This would not be a Lounge thread until you decided you need to preach again.
Welcome Back Matt, Glad you posted here where all can view, it’s real life struggle and glad you saved your dream


Matt you are more than welcome to anything from my orchard. :heart:️:four_leaf_clover::four_leaf_clover::four_leaf_clover::four_leaf_clover::four_leaf_clover::four_leaf_clover:


I flagged your comment because I consider it snarky. It is within the rules to contradict a comment but not to categorize the comment or commenter in a hostile way.

At this point, I would agree that my response to Matt’s problems probably doesn’t have a place on this forum, outside the now obscure political category and if you had simply stated something to that affect it would have been fine, but instead you worded it in an insulting way that I found hurtful. I believe that is the kind of comment that destroys forums.

My response, however, was the same mechanism I use when someone has a problem with a fruit tree, which Matt’s comment didn’t include, making it technically inappropriate to this section of our forum.

I was simply suggesting my idea of the remedy for Matt’s kind of problem. He was, in fact, abused by his boss. If the leaves of his peach tree were yellowish, I would have suggested some quick release nitrogen (as long as his problem wasn’t drainage). I likely would have been equally long winded- details can be helpful.

You wouldn’t call it preaching if you agreed with my remedy, so your comment is as guilty as mine and also an insult to me. What is particularly annoying to me is the comment you object to was made over 2 weeks ago. The forum has moved on since then because these topics hurt it- let it go and be happy.

Matt, sorry to tread on the main point of this topic, and also that I politicized it.


Yes lets get this thread back to Matt now.