Mature Apricot trees not blooming

Any ideas why? Plenty of sun. I don’t think I overdo it on the N. Maybe 200g of Urea per year in four equal applications. ( semi-dwarf trees.). Garden soil not rich. Feral trees in area bloom hard.

Soil test from a few years ago showed an excess of P (before problem started.) So it hasn’t had any since.

I have mulched heavily in the past. Not much now.

Mature Elberta peach on Citation is somewhat better.

Too cold?

Fairly ordinary winters the past few years.

Do you see flower buds on it at all? Usually you can recognize them about 4-6 weeks before they would bloom.

Yes, a few. It’s blooming now. It does tend to bloom somewhat gradually, (Moorpark) but there’s clearly not much left.

The tree seems healthy enough during the growing season.

I guess if it leafs out OK (there’s always the possibility it’s just dying) I’ll spring for a soil test, make whatever adjustments are called for, but limit N and keep my fingers crossed.