Mature viewers only -- explicit Jujube videos/photos


I do not know. These are being grown by someone in Europe.


I googled it and only one article found, not so informative. Some trial in Russian city Volgograd. Except that is later variety nothing else informative.
However I talked to my friend here and asked him to find me some scions of jujubes. He is in contact with some Ukrainian guy and he have few varieties. One is koktebel, a large one. Hope that I can get some scions . I can’t wait to have few different varieties, and more trees.


i am not really sure, but if remember it right from houzz and another thread here, ta yan zao might be lang

at least the shapes shown from your second posted photo


My jujubes are just now starting to get yellow leaves in z5. I am hoping they decide to go to sleep before we get a hard snap frost. Last year i did lose some to tip die back but it was not terrible.

Tony do you think your other varieties will ripen this year?


So far HJ, Massandra, Sugarcane, Shanxi Li, Orange Beauty, and Tae So Jo are ripen. Dong Zao, Autumn Beauty, new cleft graft of Chico and Halina, Sihong and Raf Vegas series are still somewhat green.


Ta-yan zao = Lang


Which ones do you have?


I got Vegas Booty and Vegas Baby. Wishing for Vegas Lucky!


Your going to need lots of grafting wax as the lucky scions will have to be bark grafted …
Btw, have you gotten sihong to fruit in nebraska?


Yes. I got 3 fruits. The flesh was denser then Orange Beauty.


My second crop of Sihong are ripening!!! Just absolutely wonderful!!!


I am jealous, our sihongs were shook, rattled and rolled by windy weather…


I’ll categorize this as explicit. Definitely frustrating. I think they are tarnished plant bug or Lygus lineolaris. They caused severe damage to these honey jar fruits.


How do you compare the density of Sherwood to Sihong and Orange Beauty?

The densest I have had were probably Sherwood or China Yellow, followed by Sihong, then Orange Beauty.


I can’t put a :heart: on that post! YUCK!


I’ll have to figure out some sort of plan for next year! I hoped jujube wouldn’t need spray.


Density of fruits, Sherwood and Dae Sol Jo >Sihong >Orange Beauty.


Interesting. Dae sol jo was less dense than Orange Beauty for me.


if misery loves company, might provide you with some consolation that stinkbugs/leaf-footed bugs do attack jujus where am at, and the effects on the fruits are similar to what happened to yours

the simple solution, at least here, is to just wait till trees get much bigger, or to plant more trees,

jujus fruit so much here that there will be way more than enough for all comers(humans, birds and stinkbugs)


In your location, are there varieties that are affected more or less than others? I have a wild jujube in a completely different area, and it wasn’t affected at all. I thought that was interesting…but, with my poor memory, I finally remembered that I had sprayed a bit to repel the great grasshopper apocalypse of 2020 from some nearby apple whips…and I hit the wild jujube just for the hell of it – I had such a high density of grasshoppers that they were eating fruit on that tree.