Mature viewers only -- explicit Jujube videos/photos


I was at the jujube orchard today and snapped a few photos


what can i say? am so green with envy!
incidentally, this forum seems to have unlimited accommodation for data uploads, so don’t skimp on loading this thread with photos, if that is a hint :wink:


Speaking of Sharpies We will never purchase them again
Artline Garden Marker is far better last so much longer and will not fade as fast

A fellow nursery owner in WV told us about these and it stuck buy them on amazon a little expenceive but well worth the cost of security



quite uncanny you brought that up, considering that i was offering for you to re-establish r2t2 at your nursery. Below is that one and only r2t2 budwood could still verify to be the real mccoy-- before the sharpie ink faded! Will donate this tiny segment back to you, along with budwood from our vegas-grown seedlings next spring. Am sure we still have r2t2 grafts somehere on our trees, still with the tags but with the sharpie ink totally bleached… The cultivar seems unhappy here anyway, as the fruit quality seemed compromised by our hot summers, even though relatively large-sized. Will post photo of fruits when find it


We was working in the Juju orchard again today and I have discovered that one of our grafts was over taken by a root stock sucker
the name was BULUOSHU ZAO Did I perhaps pass this on to anyone else

the reason I ask it is supposed to be a really large fruit with a small pit for processing and I have never ate the fruit so I can not verify this and I am hoping some one else can please

We only had one tree of it for some unknow reason

Thank you in advance



hoping at least one person in usa obtained budwood from you(wish it was me) and that he/she can still positively identify it.


Ok, I planted a few of the E-Bay seeds without stratifying and have two seedlings now. Can I get a confirmation that they are jujube/spinoza or Indian/tropical? Hoping @jujubemulberry or @K8tpayaso can chime in with a verdict. If they are Indian can they survive my winters in 6b or will they survive and just never fruit?


i hate to be bearer of bad news but the seedling is unlikely to be of jujuba species. Hard for me to say whether or not it is the tropical species, but almost 100% sure it is not jujuba. No worries, will get you going with true jujuba seeds…


I agree with Raf. It’s not jujuba. And most likely your winters will completely kill it. My 8a winter killed the ones I had…killed them DEAD! :flushed::flushed::flushed:

Sorry… I really don’t know why it’s so difficult to find jujuba seed.


i predict not for long, as i see this forum will see to it


it looked a lot like the wild bush that I try to kill , yet it grows back again and again every year😱


Thanks for verifying @jujubemulberry and @K8tpayaso. I’m looking forward to some legit pits this fall Raf. I’ve got a whole row that’s going to be jujubes and persimmons when everything is said and done.


I cut down a honey locust in the winter a few years back and this year it decided to send up a gazillion suckers and has turned into a thorny nightmare.


some juju seedlings(especially those with strong wild-type genes) may behave like that. Thorny and practically indestructible due to long lifespans, even in hot and dry areas with zero need for pesticides. This can be seen as either extremely desirable, or extremely undesirable. Desirable because you’re assured of hardy rootstock for preferred budwood cultivars. Undesirable if you let them flourish and ungrafted. If you have plenty land, would be good to catch them when they are pencil thin, and graft relatively low with relatively spineless varieties that also bear good fruits. If you don’t have much land, probably good to dig them up to be potted as rootstock, then graft and sell(what Roger M used to do). Or just decapitate with a lawn mower if you don’t want a nursery business.

most ideal would be to find desirable cultivars on their own roots, since any sucker will be relatively spineless and bearing good fruits. Apart from being in-demand among juju aficionados.


Or if you have lots of land but they want to come up in a thicket two feet (or closer) from your other trees. I have three nice suckers around my Li this year that will be dug up in the fall. Several others around some of my other plants.


@jujubemulberry Is the jujube seed raffle still accepting applicants? I too would be interested.

Thank you,



I feel that my XuThou tastes better red but still crisp. None of mine split this year either. Lots of rain while growing but then turned off really dry while maturing.


sure, pm me your address this autumn. I will have plenty wild-type rootstock pits, and maybe just a few dozen pits from named cultivars(which have relatively ok seed viability)

that sure says a lot about its rather unfavorable response to our climate here. Our trees only get watered when they start getting sad/droopy, so i guess constant moisture levels as fruits develop help prevent cracking


obviously not honey jar. More like ga 866 admixed with sherwood, etc.


supposedly own-rooted contorted from jfae. First crop had smaller fruit than second crop(usually the other way around)