Maybe mini greenhouse kit

Tried to search but couldn’t find info. I have a hard time transition to full light. Wanted to get a seedling starter mini greenhouse kit from somewhere. Wanted to know is it easier with that to go straight outside into garden? Should I just forget it and use grow lights inside shop with heat mat? This year or next probably next get a setup going. Mostly flowers and veggies started early maybe even bell peppers.

I think the small greenhouses are hard to moderate temperature and just give you a bit of buffer from the coldest temps but can easily get very hot.

I’ve found with bright LED lighting, I need very little hardening off to the brighter outdoors than I used to with fluorescent lights. If I pick up an overcast day I can usually get away with just putting them out without having to worry with easing them into it.

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@zendog do you need more than one overcast day? So I’ll just get some bright led then. Does it have to say grow light? Or just a 4000k shop light?