I just tried mead for the first time, Antinomy was really good I could put a couple of these down after a hard day work it had a more of a red wine taste but the Bliss was way to sweet for me with a very strong pear flavor I could barely finish one.

I’m putting some raspberries, figs and strawberries in the freezer to try some wine and mead and I might buy some cherries as well. Anyone have a good mead or wine recipe or a good web site to check out that uses any of these ingredient and I could buy different ingredients if need be? I would think the figs would be to sweet to use a lot of?

My favorite wine is Franzia Chillable Red which taste more like a fruity wine cooler, I really don’t like deep red wines.


I prefer wine tasted sweet,not too tart. I have tasted few American mead, none of them are any memorials. I had best mead when I was in Prague, very balanced sweetness, smooth melody with the fragrant of honey.


My favorite Mead And not just because it shares my first name.


My friend makes mead and I got to taste his winner from a contest in LA, Cal. It was non carbonated. It wasn’t quite what I was imagining it would taste like, but after a couple more sips It was quite good. I couldn’t taste any honey at all. It was 15% abv. I couldn’t tell it was that strong by taste, but it got me humming after it was gone. It was smooth with a kind of champagne taste but flat.


That’s kind of what the Antinomy tasted like I think it’s the champagne yeast they use that also gives a high alcohol level? The Bliss mead didn’t really have a champagne taste but more of a syrup taste.