Mechanical pollination trial

I thought this was an interesting short YouTube video (4:44)

I know I worry about lack of pollinators some years, and yet I don’t think it’s in the cards for me to get into bee keeping. (Aside from making some Mason Bee houses)

Maybe someday a homeowner with just a few trees will be able to pick up bottle to spray with if need be.

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The video was great. It also points up our lack of bees once again. An amazing solution.

neat video. I’m wondering how they get that pill bottle sized container full of pollen? How do they collect all that pollen dust. It takes me a long time just to get the tip of a tiny paintbrush covered!

According to the writeup in GFG, if I remember correctly, they had limited success at increasing fruit set. They did have an increase at least at times.

You can buy pollen now but I’m not sure if you can buy it in retail quantities.

Seems like a good job for bees… Pretty sad when it comes to this.

You can buy pollen now. It can be applied at hive entrances for bees to carry back to trees or applied by hand or machine. Fruitnut I think the article you are referring to showed a slight increase in cherry pollination but a significant increase in apple pollination. In parts of China most apple trees are pollinated by hand because of lack of pollinators. While I agree that the lack of pollinators is disturbing, orchard owners need means to help insure pollination of the crop in instances where natural pollination is limited by weather or lack of bees.

The hopes with mechanical pollination is that it can also be used to set a fairly specific amount of fruit on some things like apples. That way growers can eliminate having to chemically or manually hand thin fruit later in the season.

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