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My lovely daughters Felicia (9) and Isabella (6) at Burnaby’s Heritage Village Museum during Canada 150 birthday celebration.

My girls building their own portable greenhouse on our deck.

Felicia operating my friends backhoe to knock down 3 trees and leveling the ground to clear space for his wife’s new garden in Powell River, BC… age 8. What was the coolest thing you did when you were 8???

My younger daughter Isabella and I when the Japanese cherry blossoms were in bloom this spring.



Hi SpudDaddy,

Penang is actually my hometown/birthplace although I haven’t been back to Malaysia since 1983.



I really like Penang - the food is great, the people are really nice, multicultural and easy to get around.


OMG that is the cutest beagle picture.


Here is my family. I am a very fortunate man!


My best friend of 30-years visited a week ago. He’s on the left with his 2-year old.



Me…Real name…JEFF…


Thanks for posting these. It is so nice to put a face with a name. :blush:


My mom is from Malaysia! Born in Ipoh, emigrated here when she met my dad.

My wife and I at Yellowstone, early July.


Both my parents’ families were mainly from the Georgetown/Penang Island part of Malaysia originally but over the last 40+ years, they’ve spread out to Vancouver, Canada; London; Miri, Malaysia; Singapore, K.L. Malaysia; Dubai…

Here’s my two girls with their new Holland Lop bunny, Oreo (our old bunny passed away a week ago).


Adorable girls!!! Bunny too.


Yes, my mom’s family has spread out too - funny how that happens, but a lot more opportunities outside of Malaysia. I’ve cousins in Australia (need to visit!), Canada, and England.

Here’s a photo of my brother and I and our AhMa circa 1987.


Lovely family!


My other hobby is fishing. Below is me holding a redbreast sunfish that I had just caught out of the Ogeechee River from the Winlo Pline Tree Plantation which I co-own with my sister and cousins.


Something you don’t see very often, a pirate on a swing, eating a jujube.
My son, a few years ago.


Who dressed that pirate? Those pants are decidedly unfierce! Cute.


And I really don’t think he lost an eye in battle either, which makes me wonder if he’s really a pirate. On the other hand, he’s missing some teeth, so maybe he has been in a few skirmishes…


He tells me now that he was actually imitating the character Buck from one of the Ice Age movies -


At Cirque du Soleil “O”


I just found this thread and I had such fun scrolling thru and putting faces to the tiny little circle icons that pop up here beside each persons online name. I look nothing like my icon so heres a picture of me and my grand daughter. I will fess up and say it is a couple of years old, but I am usually the one to take the pictures. We are picking peonies for the market.