Messy Now, Clean Soon

I normally wouldn’t show photos of messy areas, but soon it will all be organized & clean. Today an order of containers from Stuewe & Sons will jump start this whole process.

I built a new system to hold my grafted plants for a full year prior to sale or trades. Each of the 8 squares holds (72) 4" x 14" tall tree pots. I also have on order 2.5" x 10" mini tree pots which will fit beautifully in a square, also.

I’m buying shade cloth this year, soon.

At GW three years ago I;m guessing, you helped me by directing me to run a single bar for my grapes. Here it is today. I started with 14-varieties and am down to 12. The ones I’m losing are from the south and were labeled zone 5. Joy, Faith, Gratitude, etc. Some continue to resprout but that’s not what I’m looking for so they will go eventually.

pawpaw ‘Prima 1216’ which will go into a new Stuewe Treepot. Can’t wait to pot up/up-pot grafts and seedlings.

@BobVance the Harrow Sweet scions you sent. 4 of 5. Thank you.

@ztom Thanks. Opal plum… other grafts on trees in the field at my friend’s etc, etc.

@Stan Thanks man! This tub makes up 85% of the grafts in it from scions that you sent. Here are a few beginners just like ‘Opal’ above. Thank you.

@Stan ‘Lavina’ ‘Mariposa’

‘Satsuma Improved’ - saw this goes by possible two names but is the same plant? Anyone?

Asian plum ‘Burgundy’

Plumcot Apex

European plum Mirabelle de Metz

Thanks Stan. Many more to get going, later.

Persimmon wood from Jerry Lehman

Wood I collected: Pecan Hark

Regrafted a few days ago. My callousing experiment really screwed things up for me this year. What was salvageable I regrafted. 40 or so plants of 200-250 I’m guessing. Dang.

Late grafts I’m waiting on to push.

Going to have a productive red raspberry crop this year. Small and medium transplants from my Mom’s patches that were planted three years ago are now going to do something big.

Chester Thornless Blackberry

Triple Crown Thornless Blackberry



Same storms here. Blew out some of my field grafts.

Regrafting on some of last years persimmons now. I found bags of scions I didn’t know I had this morning. Each and every one counts and makes the cash register go cha ching!

Wishing you success, ILPF


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Mariposa is also known as “Improved Satsuma”, however, “Satsuma Improved” is different (I know, it’s confusing). The description of “Satsuma Improved” from the CRFG scion exchange: “Different from Satsuma and Mariposa - better fruit and later harvest than both Satsuma and Mariposa. From Mark Albert.”

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@Barkslip Dax, thanks for sharing the pics, it’s a joy to watch your progress! It looks like you will have to rename your conifer arboretum soon to something else cause with the speed you are grafting fruit trees you can have a genebank in few years haha.
By the way do you know if Apex plum is the same like Climax? If I am not mistaken they are both Burbank’s varieties and I got Climax this year so just wondering if they are the same.

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@Barkslip, yes, it’s messy, but what a nice mess! You sure have a lot going on there, but I’m sure you enjoy all of it.

Are you going to try making some wine from all those grapevines?

Funny you should mention raspberries, I just got my 5 plants from Indiana Berry today, so I need to get those in the ground whenever it decides to stop raining. What varieties do you have?

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Paul, they are different, Apex is a plumcot, and Climax is an Asian plum. Here are short descriptions from “Luther Burbank’s Plant Contributions” (1945) by W. L. Howard:

Apex.—1911. A cross between an apricot and a Japanese plum. Ripens about the middle of June. “The tree is a stout, compact, upright grower… The fruit is extremely handsome and very large for an early fruit—globular… beautiful deep pink or light crimson; freestone; flesh honey-yellow, firm, rich, aromatic, apricot-like.” Now regarded as a Japanese plum. (86, p. 12; 100.)

Climax.—1899. Cross between Simon and Botan (Abundance). Originally called Royal, but renamed Climax. Widely planted. Once an extremely important shipping variety, but now on the decline. Still about 1,000 acres in bearing in California alone. (50, p. 2.)


Outstanding! :heart:

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Go Dax !

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Nice. I feel inspiration for something coming on…for something smaller because…
Whether rooting, seeding, grafting or xplanting, if you can’t control the environment, then you cannot control the losses.


You guys rock better than rock stars.

@subdood_ky_z6b I planted those grapes for trialing and they are all seedless or mostly seedless. I enjoy eating grapes. Never made wine. Wouldn’t know where to begin. Probably won’t ever do it either. My raspberries are from plants my Mom took with her as she moved about during her lifetime from her parents garden & from an old friend, an elderly man she would go hang out and garden with. We don’t know what varieties they are.

Took a few more photos today. Made a short video. Will mess with that tomorrow or the following days. This goose is well done! Field grafted all day.



Oh dear, if those are your “messy” areas there is no way I’m going to post any pictures! It looks absolutely lovely, thanks for sharing the photos!


Looks fantastic! Don’t see how you could do that any better!

Thanks Lids… :grin:

@clarkinks Right on my man. TANKS!

A couple more and I’m going to get whizzing.

Asian plum Emerald Beaut
Thanks @Bradybb

Euro plum Schoolhouse
Thanks @Bradybb

Asian plum Shiro & Satsuma
Thanks @Bradybb and @mamuang



"What will he think of next?" my Dad is always saying this about ‘his-self’ in the third person Cracks me up really good sometimes! Inside humor. You either get it or you don’t :slight_smile:

Yesterday I pulled some buried persimmons from a bin where I had only the root left. Since the root is much wider than the scions I decided to bark graft into the roots. Dax

Bark Grafting Into a Seedlings Root Collar … Experiment



Are your grafts on steroids? :smile: They grow so well.

Judging from the numbers of pots and grafts you have, you will need the second “holding center” soon.

Looking at how much land you have, I am quite envious. So much space and what a pretty landscape.

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Well, thank you, Tippy.

I’m potting up right now. I wondered if I was going to run into the situation I currently am in… it appears I am going to need to divide those squares up into more squares or possibly slats. Holding 72 treepots is too much happening. I can’t read the tags and so on. I’ll get it all dialed in.

It’s the scions that are on steroids :smile:



Yeah I got some new stuff going on and much better now.

This is now manageable.



I potted up (4) of the bark grafts I did into the root collar of persimmons (video above.) four of four took. Here are two of them.

These were grafted on 5-20 so I think it’s pretty safe to say they took with the amount of growth shown and how it looks.