Might actually get fruit this year


I’m so excited. We had a year with no late freezes. Knock on wood! Never seen a frost here after April 14. Anyways I have lots of baby plums, peaches and nectarines out there. Now I just have to battle bugs, diseases and birds.


Good luck! I have never had problems with birds or animals or bugs. But I planted cherry, plum, and now persimmon trees, and am wondering how they will do.

One thing I read was birds need water, and if cannot find any go after fruit. It said fruit was not the 1st choice, so if we provide ample water sources they may not bother the fruit. That is why I have 2 watering places set up.


Thanks! Last year it was Japanese beetles and something that bores into the peach tips.


If that “something” that bored into shoot tips caused them to flag and turned black, they were Oriental Fruit moths. Unfortunately they have up to 5 generations in one growing season. Spray with Surround helps or with insecticide.


thats sounds exactly like it. thanks for the info


Good for you. We’re hoping for some fruit off our trees for the first time this year, too. Apples and pears, but no peaches.

I guess if you’re getting some peaches, I imagine there will be a bumper crop of Porter peaches this year, too.


Funny you mention Porter. They posted on Facebook about the bumper crop they hope to have. Pictures of tons of little fruits. They deserve it. Last year they said they lost about 90% of the crop in the freeze. Cresthaven was really the only one not effected


Sounds good. My Mom (who lives in the Tulsa area) usually comes up in the summer to spend some time with us, so I’ll have her bring us a box or two of Porter peaches then.

What varieties of peaches/nects will you be getting off your trees?


I have a harko nectarine, loring, Elberta and red haven that will produce this year. Just added cresthaven but that is a few years away.