Might be bad idea?

So I waited until the Myroloban sucker went dormant this winter to remove because I wanted to try making a multiple Pluot tree. The sucker is in plastic container and needs to re-establish its roots. Now what do I do?
Locate Pluot scion wood
Locate Pluot chip buds
Locate source for Pluots

Seek out knowledgeable tree experts

I would plant it out in its permanat location with some kind if tree gard around it. Im not to good at watering outdoor potted plants. grow it out before grafting if you want several verietys. If it grows well,you could try bud grafting this summer. Waiting till spring 2017 to top work would be even better. That gives you lots of time to find scion and the grafting wood will be mich less perishable than the summer. Good luck.

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Going to get the Myro 29C going in the pot and then get it in the ground like you suggest Mike. Like the idea of buying time until find my scion wood source. Isn’t Michigan filled with plum growers maybe I can get the scion up there?

I like Mike’s idea of letting it grow some before you worry too much about grafting to it.

One approach is to graft a new variety on every so many vertical inches of growth of a central leader. Put another way, graft the first time at about 24-36 inches height, and then the following season graft again about 18 inches above the first, graft a third time at another 18 inches, and then one last time at another 18 inches. This aims for a tree less than nine or ten feet tall, which is plenty tall (says the guy with a couple of 12 foot tall trees), especially as you get older.

This only gives you three varieties on the vertical, but each section will throw off several branches from which you can select three or four good laterals. One or two of those can be grafted over, giving you a chance at ten or so varieties. Then you need to plant a new tree (says the guy with a couple of dozen apples on one root …).

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