Miniature Peaches


Does anyone grow miniature peaches and nectarines? what varieties and how do you like them?

these are my miniature peaches


Cool videos, you did a really nice job thinning them both. I grew both of those and many others when I first started out. The amount of thinning was overwhelming and I gave the trees away. I did like the taste of the Honey Babe, just not all the thinning. The tree I did end up saving out of my half dozen miniatures was my Necta Zee. It has excellent nectarines every year here, comparing to my other top varieties, an excellent nectarine, Necta Babe was also very good, wish I kept it as well. One of the best things about these miniature trees is the profuse blossoms, very ornamental trees! If you can keep them thinned out they are winners, but when dealing with 100 plus trees, they were to much work for me.


thank you! im waiting for my Necta Zee Miniature Nectarine to fruit. it didn’t fruit this year. but im looking forward to eating the fruit as you recommend it.


@Seattlefiggirl, They are excellent nectarines, I think you will love them!