Minnie Royal and Royal Lee...This WILL be my LAST Attempt!

This will be my 4th and last time with these two! (Yes I have murdered 5 trees!)

In my last attempt I got them both on the Z Dwarf root stock, well one died and of course I do not know which one sooooooo …in the pics below is me adding a Minnie Lee and and Royal Lee on colt to go with the unknown survivor!

Z Dwarf: Sad that it will not be pollinated this year :frowning: (Unless I can find someone in my area with blooming trees)

The Trio:



Don’t take the ID tags off this time!


That’s for darn sure! lol

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Jennifer, run out and grab yourself the new GM25 low chill cherry. It will cross pollinate both MR and RL, and it is self-fruitful. Several nurseries in your area bought it this year: Parkview, Louie’s, Sherwood Forest in Perris, Batavia & Greenmart in Orange. that way, you don’t need to worry if you bought the right one!

Patty S.

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I tried to purchase it this year with my others…BL was sold out. I was going to rip out and beat it up with my disappointment and say goodbye BUUUUT…I am no quitter…lol. Maybe I will try calling around.

Yup, I was on the waiting list for one with BL, and while waiting, I called around and was surprised I found them at my local garden center. So, ran down and grabbed one, then BL let me know they had a tree for me. So, I have two! Kinda happy about that.

Patty S.

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On Colt – they should do well there. I have many happy (former) customers with that combination getting yearly crops from Encinitas to Alpine, and points north as well (e.g., Moreno Valley).

They perform better with regular feedings the year prior to harvest. Choose something that is low in phosphate (the middle number) compared to N and K. Your soils are clayish and excess phosphate will just bind up the other nutrients in the soil.

I’m going to go out on a limb and guess the survivor is Minnie Royal. Once it leafs out it’s obvious — the MR has doubly serrate leaves. RL has single serrate.

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make some aluminum tags out of used soda/beer cans


For less money get a pack of Impress-O-Tags from Amekron Products. You’ll find them online or (possibly different brand) at Parkview Nursery in Riverside on Magnolia & Jackson.

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How can it be less than free?


Not sure if it’s the angle of the picture. But your tree looks like it only has branches on one side. My peach tree looks the same. I was thinking about grafting to the other half. You know, sort of to make it more balanced. Because I’m worried a wind will flip it over since it’s lopsided. Is that not a concern for you?

The can wasn’t free, and neither is the labor you put into it.

Yes it is. Ask a friend if you don’t drink! And it takes about as much effort as it took you to write that message!

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OMG. Of all the things to argue about. Let the man make free tags out of cans. For all you know it was free. There’s labor using your Impresso-whatever tag.


And let me inscribe impresso tags! They’re 5¢ apiece.


Not a concern for me as I pruned it that way for multiple trees being planted so close together. Got to keep the centers clear or they would grow into each other. It looks wonky now because one of the trees died. In a few years (If I can manage to keep them alive) The 3 trees will fill in to look sort of like 1 tree. Fingers crossed. :slight_smile:

I think you are right…I was looking at a baby leaf…seems to have double serrated. Thanks for the tid bit of info. :slight_smile:

So I got a few cuttings from a friend…I put them in a little bit of water and placed them against the tree. Is that the best thing to do? The buds have not opened completely yet but are green and growing.