Minnie Royal/Royal Lee on ZD

Been a while…

Bay Laurel doesn’t have Minnie/Royal on ZD this year. Does anyone know if other nurseries sell them and ship to CA?

One of mine decided it was time to end their existence so need to replace. Even better… I don’t know which one bit the dust so I will be buying both! Haha…that will teach me to rely on my memory!

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If I remember correctly, somebody (@amadioranch ?) mentioned that there is a problem with ZD rootstock and Dave Wilson might roll back their production.

Generally speaking, you can check on the Dave Wilson website which local retail nurseries sell a specific variety. However, 2017 lists will be posted around November.

Sanhedrin has them on Colt and Mazzard, but not sure if that helps you.

DWN isnt offering Minnie Royal or Royal Lee in zdwarf again this year. They arent saying why. Last year they said it was crop failure…yet they are offering other cultivars on zdwarf. It smells funny. Been well known that DWN has no issues with making US their beta testers. Wouldnt surprise me in the least if there was a compatibility issue that all of us that have bought in previous years will see.

Its enough for me to start moving away from this rootstock.

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Colt is a very reliable rootstock for our area.

I have been planning zd for my area based on some of your experience. What rootstock will you try next for cherries?

Im liking Rootpac-R with a interstem.

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Zdwarf and colt for me. Maybe I’ll have better luck with colt

Is Zdwarf the same as new root 1? If so, I haven’t had any luck either, Mine fizzled and died after a couple years

Yes. Zdwarf = Newroot.1.

I have Craig’s Crimson on this stock. A few years of puttering on. No fruit yet.

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