Mirabelle De Nancy Plum Flower

It’s so strange to see my Mirabelle De Nancy Plum flower buds. They’re still too young buds but easy to see theirs STIGMA before flowers opening. Is this normal on European plum flowers?

What can you say, She is French.


I’ve never seen that on my plums but have seen it on my peach buds. I continuously get fruit, so I do not think it is a problem.

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Have to say I never saw that on my plums too. Looking at my mirabelle de nancy, it doesn’t show that pattern. I will keep an eye open to see if it happens at least sometimes. For this year mirabelle de nancy is my only plum not flowering yet. Mirabelles are known to be late flowering.

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It seems like every day,another Plum tree is shown here from your place.How many trees are there?I’d like to have the room.Brady

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Hi Brady, that question my wife keeps asking me. "How many fruit trees did you plant? " or “Will our place become jungle soon?” I quickly answer her about 20 honey. But that is not even haft of real numbers of our fruit trees. Hihi. I am still waiting a couple more coming soon from Raintree: Rosy Gage and D’Ente 707. So I am done because Seattle is the land of plum. ::joy:


Brady, some of plum trees are not easy to find information, that why I would like to plant them and taste. They are not on the market. Here my Schoolhouse plum planted last year from Whip. She is not on sunny area yet. Will try soon.