Mirabelle plums

Any sources of mirabelle trees? I’m located in zone 6 in ct and I had some cooked desserts last year in France that were quite delicious. Can these be grown in zone 6 CT?

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Yes, it can. It has no issue handling our winter. I got mine from Raintree Nursery about 5 years ago.

Mine is on a Marianna 2624 roostock. It is a somewhat dwarf rootstock.

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I just noticed that Raintree now has a 4 in 1 combo Mirabelle plum tree available.

“Varieties are 4 of the following 5 Mirabelle varietes: Reine de Mirabelle, Mirabelle De Metz, Mirabelle De Nancy, Geneva Mirabelle, Parfume d Septembre.”

I’m pretty sure this is the first time they’ve offered a Mirabelle combo. Raintree seems to be the best source for combo trees, but they’re not cheap. This one is pricey even by their standards but is still a pretty exciting tree. https://raintreenursery.com/fruit-trees/combo-mirabelle-plum-4-varieities