Miscellaneous orchard pictures

Introducing my ground squirrel cat Grady. He came home from the shelter as Gracie and one week later came home from the vet as Grady. He’s young but seems to be looking for the orchard bad guys.

Gold Rush looking good and they are bigger than normal for me at this time of the year. Hoping they will keep growing and be another late ripening apple like Pink Lady.

Only someone with too much time on their hands would do this. Bought this Kieffer (improved) a few years ago that was labeled as dwarf. It indeed was dwarfing to the point of being unstable. I planted this less than pencil diameter Callery seedling beside it (side graft at top) and added another type dwarf interstem with hopes of keeping a dwarf top with the hardy Callery root. About three years later the Callery truck size is about the diameter of the original.


How does the plastic help the Gold Rush apples?

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I like the name Grady, a lot.

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The plastic ziploc bags on the apples helps prevent insect damage without spraying. Results is mostly bug free fruit.


Ok and at what stage of development to you put them on the fruit? Seems like a great idea.

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I like to start bagging at pea size-marble size. You can wait longer but there will be more insect damage.

We intended to get a female because we thought it would be better at getting rid of the small squirrels. The people at the shelter assured us that it was female so imaging how surprised we were when the vet told us he was male. Grady seems interested in the ground squirrel holes so maybe he will get the job done.

Yep, I would think any cat would. sheesh… every tree on slopes on my property has a hole from a 13-lined ground squirrel. My cat sits right next to those holes (or used to more frequently in past times.) That be good grub, you know what I mean, Bill? :smile:



Congrats on the new kitty and the apples, looks good. Our tabbies are about 1 1/2 years old now. They’re decent hunters, but tend to hang around our front door a bit much…

I looked outside late last night into the yard, and saw one of them, and some other critter nearby. While we have a pole light, it was hard to tell what it was. I went out on the deck, and it looked like a skunk! Thankfully my cat decided to keep his distance.


I’ve read that a cat will specialize in either rodents or birds. Unfortunately mine only hunts birds, leaving the vole population unchecked. :frowning_face:

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