Missing Cherry Blossoms?

This is the second year in a row my sweetly scented Lapins blossoms mysteriously disappeared literally overnight. At first I assumed it was the wind. This year I put it together after seeing crows in the neighbor’s trees eating the tender new growth. Doh! Looks like I will have to cover them early. Anyone else have this issue?

I’ve had birds adorn their nests with lots of fancy items ranging from chicken feathers to shiny things and even once the tops of my tomato plants. Starlings were the tomato plant tops offenders! Threads, hair, plastic and paper are all items I’ve found in nests so why not blooms? It’s very possible.


Two years ago I watched a house finch eating the blossoms off one of my plum trees. It wasn’t taking them away with it, just eating them one after the other. Fortunately plums have gazillions of flowers so it wasn’t a problem.

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Last year a flock of Cedar waxwings sat in my apple tree and I watched them pick the petals off neatly and eat them. Fortunately we are only a temporary stop for them and they moved on.

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My tree didn’t bloom this spring The branches are dry.
Could it be related the fact I trimmed it during winter time?
That could lead to killing it?
The bark is brown😢 I don’t know what to do

Can you show the whole tree? How old is your tree and how heavily did you prune it? What variety is it?

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Sure. I trimmed it all around
I don’t know how old is it. But I think it is old tree

Cherry is usually cold hardy to zone 6. Where are you in zone 6? Did you have a sharp drop of temp this winter or early spring? That could kill flower buds. Don’t think your pruning caused a lack of flowers.

Does your tree produce edible cherries or ornamental flowers? It looks like a weeping cherry tree.

Your tree got canker and the wound is quite large. However, it may last a few more years.