Mites on tomato plants


Every year I loose my tomato plants to spider mites once the weather turns dry. This year has been better than most but I start to see them starting to make a show. In the past I have used a variety of sprays but mites aren’t insects so most insecticides don’t do much except kill the beneficials. I have not sprayed anything this year and I don’t see any insects good or bad right now so I’m open to spraying if you knew of something good to use.


I’d buy something that is labeled to kill spider mites and contains a neonicotinoid – and only apply it to the affected plants.

Now where to buy it? Depends how much you need. If it’s just for a a few plants and a Home Depot is in your area then they typically have a brand or two in stock. If you’re a commercial grower then go get some Leverage 360.


I just read the label for Leverage 360. It doesn’t list mites. Anything else?


Drat! At the thrips dosage it nails them here.

Bayer recommends Movento for spider mites. This is a synthetically enhanced version of Spinosad (spirotetramat). According to the Monterey Gardens label for their Spinosad product, it can control spider mites if you follow their directions.


I’ll check that out. Is it listed for edibles? Seems all the good stuff I have found is ornamental only.


I just looked at the label. Spider mites are listed but the minimum time between applications is 14 days. Unless it has residual abilities several new generation will hatch out between applications. I’m going to see where I can buy some though. I have to find a way to stop this problem. I’m open to more spray recommendations as well. Richard, I appreciate your help.


Spiromesifen is a new generation miticide with translaminar and residual activity, supposed to be easy on beneficials as well.


Spiromesifen looks great for killing mites but the label says for ornamentals only. Do you know of a particular brand or concentration that is listed for vegetables?


Movento is a systemic for fruits and vegetables.


Oberon 2 SC is labeled for fruits and vegetables. Not cheap at all for the gallon and enough for a hundred acres… There are “free samples” of Forbid 4f on eBay, the rate is about 1 ml per gallon so a little goes a long way, there is a question about what the difference in rate between Oberon and Forbid since Oberon is oz. per acre.


Soap spray works but it’s contact only and you will need to spray every 3 or 4 days so it’s not an easy solution.


I did some more searching and discovered that even though Forbid isn’t listed for edibles the active ingredient is. The same goes for Avid and Oberon. I have the stuff ordered. I wish I did this a week ago.
…can’t wait to see those devils die.


I think you should keep tomato plants properly watered and fertilized because healthy plants are resistant to damage by mites and other pests. You should also provide enough space so that mites cannot easily move from plant to plant. The major key of growing healthy tomatoes is to learn, control and treat all the tomato pest diseases before they destroy your garden. Sometimes, tomato plants are attacked by many pests during its growth. At that time you should ask the pest exterminator who will provide you some recommendations to use a pesticide in a way that minimizes the risk of pests.


Forbid worked great. It is the first time in twenty years mires weren’t a problem. If I remember correctly I only used one application. The residual action took out the second generation and then the life cycle was broken. I highly recommend the stuff.


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I purchased some Spectracide Malathion for use against spidermites on my strawberries and meyer lemon. Definitely know that its rated for use against them on strawberries.