Mojito (a easy summer drink that tastes amazing)

Been making a lot of Mojito lately as it is a nice easy summer drink.

1 to 1 sugar and water
8 leaves of some sort of mint (I prefer peppermint)
1 lime
some sort of soda (I prefer to use Sprite Zero)
Lemon Juice

Pour 1 to 1 dilution of sugar and water together (I use a cup and just pour part in and it makes around 4 of them)
Crush a lime and put some lemon juice or a lime in the water dilution
Stir together
Put water and soda together
Put peppermint in infuser and drop in
let infuse overnight in the fridge

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Great idea, thanks for the recipe. I like Sprite Zero as well.

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Sprite is very useful. It is good with ham too.

This recipe is very similar to mine; I, too, use sprite and peppermint. Iā€™m lazy though, and I use the bottled key lime juice which is found by the wine and spirits section of the store. I muddle the peppermint at the time and just leave it in the drink. I use a packet of stevia and stir it all together. It is deceptively light and goes down so easily, especially on a hot summer night!

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