Mold in a greenhouse?


Is it possible to grow mold in a greenhouse with all the watering,woodchips, mulch, etc.Should you be worried?


i have a double window fan hung up near the ceiling and a large rotating shop fan going all the time to keep the air moving. i also leave the windows open when the sun is out. haven’t had issues yet. we get quite a bit of rain here also.


Sun kills Microbes


Mold possible in greenhouse? Absolutely.


But does it matter?


I wish I could keep my humidity high enough to get some mold.


mine has the opposite problem. our cooler weather doesn’t dry out my greenhouse. mater of fact if i close all the windows and turn off the fan, in a mater of hours the inside is covered in condensation.and I’m careful not to spill water in there.


Whoa Mike, smokers like smoke in their longs, add a little mold would probably makes no difference.


I monitor temps and humidity continuously in my greenhouse, and I get wild fluctuations in the winter that co-vary with my temps. My greenhouse drops down to the low 40’s at night, but gets up over 100 degrees on sunny days. Humidity varies with temperature so I can go from 20% to 80% humidity within a day without adding any moisture. My plants mostly do fine so I don’t worry about it too much.