Monark Apple Ripening date?

It looks like my Monark will be the first to ripen this year. I thought it might be ready so I picked one and cut it open. Seeds still white and flesh still green. Anyone else growing this variety in the midwest? This is my first harvest on this tree.
I am in Ann Arbor MI

MonArk is usually ripe here(southern west-central KY, just about 70 mi NW of Nashville TN) in early to mid July. Requires repeated picking, as they ripen over a several week window. Should develop some good red striping over the green.
It’s a fantastic early-season apple - good for fresh eating, cooking, drying - and unlike most early apples, will keep for 6 weeks or so under refrigeration, without going mealy.
Almost no pome or stone fruit here this year, but MonArk did set a handful. Ate one a week or so ago, when I was mowing past it.

Thanks for the info. I just picked another one today. I took the one that looked the most ripe and cut it open.
Still not ready. I think it will be another week here.
My wife was at the Farmers Market on Thursday and brought back the first transparents of the year.