Monsanto,GMO's and Sumagrow

I read this article about labeling products containing GMO’S and it looks to be getting there slowly.People have to do some searching with a smart phone to find the information.Brady
The story also names a company,Sumagrow,that has a product to help things grow better with less fertilizer and water.
Here is the article link:
Sumagrow’s website:

If the Sumagrow material works well, its could be huge! However, I was not that impressed with the “research” listed on the company web site. Hope this stuff really works and is also affordable.

That’s because it wasn’t research. Meaningless drivel IMO.

Sumagrow’s research sounds very familiar to me, compost tea comes to mind. A lot of people are aware of these affects, and their a game changer with the right microbes. I will try to get in contact with them to see if I could sample their microbes.